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Thursday, February 07, 2002
Welcome to RobbieMedia - the place to find out about the most famous baby on the Internet!!!

Here there are details of articles that have linked to declaring her either the first Baby to register a web domain on her birth date, her as the youngest Blogger or her World Record attempt to get the most hits on a new born baby's website in their first month of birth. There are links to specific articles. If you need a picture of Robbie please click
this link. Please contact us on if you need to know more for your story. was set up on 14:10 on Friday 1st February - 11 hours after Robbie's birth at 03:10 the same day. Almost immediatly interest was huge. The creator of, Ev WIlliams, immediatly linked to causing more than a thousand people to visit in her first day online (and alive!). She has quickly become one of the mst famous babies in the Internets history receiving e-mails from hundreds of well wishers from right over the globe. E-mails came the US, Denmark, Germany, France, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and India. All this in her first 24 hours alive. A picture was sent from the Himalayas and soon word spread across the Internet. is famous and through nothing more than the power fo the Internet. Her Cousin set up as a unique present for the baby, registering her web address on her date of birth for £7, hoping that she might get a few e-mails from around the world but was "blown away" by the Nets reaction. She is believed to be the first Uk baby to have her website domain ( registered on her date of birth. Her parents too were surprised saying the original present "was was a bit better than a knitted cardigan." Today, with Baby Robbie less than a month old, she has been visited by more than 80 countries from the UK to Singapore! Equally press interest has been huge:

Friday 1st February 2002 (Robbie's Birth Date) declares Robbie its Youngest Blogger

Saturday 2nd February 2002 questions whether Robbie is the first baby to have Blogger set-up on her birth date

The Guardian Newspaper links to

Monday 3th February 2002

.Net Magazine, the Uks biggest selling internet magazine covers the story "Dot tot born to" - click here for the article

Thursday 6th February 2002

Robbie's Uncle checks story e-mailed from The Mirror about Katie O' Rouke who had her web address registered six days after birth. Checking her site, however, reveals that the parents have yet to actually use their webspace for Katie - making Robbie officially the youngest person in the UK to ever have a website set up and running on her date of birth. We believe that Robbie is the first baby anywhere in the world to have a website domain set-up and active on her Birth Date.

Friday 8th February 2002

Robbie and her parents are interviewed by the local Television in Basingstoke. Her story is also reported in the Basingstoke Gazette - click here for the article.

Sunday 10th February 2002, one of the biggest news websites which supplies news to AOL and Yahoo! have covered Robbie's story in an article "Baby Robbie's Website gets 1, 000 hits a day" Click here for the article. Her story is reported just under Will winds Pop Idol. Robbie's hit counter surges ahead once more... - the website formed from the former .tv Sky Digital channel reports Robbie achievements. Click here for this article. - a Croatian International media group, reports on Robbie's story. Click here for the article.

Robbie is placed on the news page on AOL, amny more discover her site. Click here for article.

Same article is put on Yahoo!. Click here for the article.

Monday 11th February 2002

Robbie's site is talked about on Dublin 104FM

Robbie's story is shown on the local ITV Lunchtime and Evening News in the Meridian area of the South of England - we estimate around 5 million people see this TV interview. Its broadcast near the end of the bulletins shown at 13:10 - 13:40 and 18:00 - 18:30. Please goto the Meridian website - you can view the video of the report, with an interview with Robbie and her parents. Click here.

Site named Website of the Day on Steve Wright in the afternoon on BBC Radio 2 - see website for details.

Peter Bowles, creator of is interviewed for Kestrel FM - Robbie's local radio station.

De Telegraf - Denmarks national newspaper becomes the first national newspaper to report Robbie's story "Site Baby trekt 1000 bezoerkers per dag" - click here for the article. Over one and half thousand new visitors from the Netherlands meet Robbie.

Site featured in Klik Magazine - click here to read about "Site bebe Robbie bilježi 1000 posjetitelja dnevno"

Tuesday 12th February 2002 is one of the most accessed sites in the UK, coming top on NedStat Statistics - click here to find out about NedStat.

KidsPlanet, a Netherlands Kids site, reports Robbie's story - click here for article "Babysite populair"

Living Planet reports "Website baby wereldwidj success" - click here to read

PC@nen - a croatian PC webpage reports about Robbie - clcik here

Robbie makes top 100 sites in Slovenia! Click here

Robbie made "Site of the Day" by Hungarian Radio station, Est FM 98.6 - click here

Peter Bowles properly launches his site - click here to view his Online CV Portfolio

Wednesday 13th February 2002

Russian web paper reports on Robbie - click here

Thursday 14th February 2002

Robbies story reported in the Sheffield Star, the biggest selling local newspaper in the UK's 4th largest city. Peter Bowles, the Sheffield Student who launched her site is featured with a photo of him and Baby Robbie. Click here for the Sheffield Star's site.

Hallam Fm - Todays best music for yorkshire and the South Midlands reports Robbie's feat in its news. Includes an interview with Peter Bowles - www.RobbieGraceCripps creator.
They asked "how does Robbie have her thoughts placed on the net"
Peter's answer: "Well the parents hold Baby Robbie and she sends out a kind of vibe and then they e-mail me that vibe and I go and put it on the website."

First Robbie Media Challenge launched to see who will visit the most in one week, The Netherlands or Belgium

Friday 15th February 2002

Family Radio 89, 7 FM Croatia make robbie their website of the week.

Telenet Breedband, which we assume is belgiums largest Broadband internet service provider, report robbies story - here

Saturday 16th February 2002

The Guardian - one of the Uks biggest broadsheet papers - reports Robbie in its Weblife page - "After being given her own website as a present by her cousin on the day she was born (February 1), she's been getting thousands of visitors every day, with messages from all over the world."

Sunday 17th February 2002

Robbie's site is mentioned on New Zealand radios tation Classic Hits 88FM

Thursday 21st February 2002

Belgium win against the Netherlands in the Robbie Media Challenge. Here;s the stats:

Belgium 2, 358 (15.5%)
The Netherlands 2, 105 (13.9%)

New challenge set to see which country gets the most visitors between New Zealand and Australia.

Friday 22nd February 2002

Robbie's story is reported in the Steel Press, Sheffield University's award winning student newspaper. The article "Web's Youngest Star" is reported by Katie Mulloy.

Monday 25th February 2002 makes both national and local press in Denmark today.

The story is further reported on danish news site - read about Robbie here

Norways third largest internet site - Nettavisen, which supplies news to, reports Robbie's story on its front page. Go here to read about further Robbie Grace Cripps fans.


Robbie would love to be reported in your paper, net news, TV or radio station - please feel free to use pictures, quotes or infromation from the site. All articles are printed off for her for when she's old enough to read them!
posted by Robbie Grace 7:54 AM


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